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7 Techniques Leading to Winning Numbers

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When comes to buying lottery tickets, we always suggest you to select your own numbers and make up your own combinations rather than letting the machine in your local store produces you random numbers. You have a highly developed brain which is far more intelligent than a machine. If you apply the techniques in this article, tweak and fine-tune the result from our optimized Lotto Generator, only then you will have a total control to the outcomes.

Through our statistics, observation and experience, we have summarized 7 techniques to guide you on how to select numbers, how to combine different selections, and even with the kind of mood when purchasing the tickets.

Winning Numbers Summary

Let’s use Canadian Lotto 6/49 as an example to tell the story on how to select numbers. 6/49 is to pick up 6 numbers from 1 to 49. Based on our calculation and observation to the past winning results, we have found that, in a long run, odd and even numbers have been equally selected; numbers from each segment (1 to 10, 11 to 20, 21 to 30, 31 to 40, 41 to 49) have been evenly selected; very rare that three consecutive numbers appear as winning numbers; no case that four or more consecutive numbers showed up. From now on, you will know how to choose your numbers.

1. Choose both odd and even numbers

In your six number set, you shall see three odd and three even numbers, or two odds and four evens, or four odd and two even numbers. You do not want to see all odds or all evens in your list. You set your selection of six in the ascending order for easy observation.

2. Avoid using fixed numbers

Many people use a fixed selection of numbers to buy their lottery tickets to hit ever changed winning numbers. If you know the statistics result, you will never want to do it agin. For example, the number 19 used to get the lowest count in 49 numbers for quite some time. If you have a birthday of 19th, you keep adding 19 in your lottery tickets, almost certain that this number is wasting your money. Although winning numbers are very dynamic and numbers are very randomly selected, the winning pattern is relatively still. If you have found the pattern, you've got the key.

3. Certainly, refer to the result of statistics

The statistics result is the indicator for where the winning numbers are located. You shall try not to use all the 49 numbers, but selectively take numbers from the count lists on our website. These lists are dynamically changing when new data is added, and they are always current and up-to-date. It is your judgment and choice to use the highest counts or lowest counts or combination. Every way is possible. When you use less numbers, your odds are higher.

4. Use optimized Lotto Generators

According to our statistics result, we have created Lotto generators for each lottery. These generators do not share the same data and the same statistics. They each have their own corresponding numbers in real time; therefore, they have their own generated result.

Our system is highly optimized with the intention to reduce the range of numbers in order to increase the chance of winning. For instance of Lotto 649, when you use all the 49 numbers, your winning odds are 1 out of 13.9 million; when you use 40 elected numbers, your winning odds are enhanced to 1 out of 3.8 million. A huge difference! But what about those 9 numbers left out? Well, if they do show up, let it go. You move to next draw. Although the generator gives you three suggested number sets, you may still personalize the result regarding the statistics. That is why we call our site Lazy Jet Cat. You don't have to work hard, but you are robust to aim your objective.

5. Do budgeting and constantly invest on lotteries

There is no doubt that you will never win a lottery if you do not buy it. Income comes from investment. Since the winning odds are low, you might want to make a long-term plan and constantly put a bit investment on lotteries. You might want to choose a lottery that you have certain level of control to selected numbers, and budget 10 to 20 dollars each week on lottery tickets. With our Lotto Generators and your intelligence, you shall be rewarded by small or big returns from time to time.

6. Team up for more investment and better chance

Many people team up to purchase lottery tickets. Media has revealed some cases of groups winning millions of dollars with lotteries. In low chance and relative shortage of investment, collecting more money from participants to target more numbers is one of the best ideas. You may organize your lottery group at work, in your family or with friends. The important thing is to have every one sign the tickets.

7. You mood is the base of money attraction

It is our recommendation that you go to buy your lottery tickets only when you feel happy and prosper. In another word, find a feeling place that brings you more money, then get your lottery tickets. This is what people call “Happy go Lucky”. More precisely, this is Law of Attraction in Action. If you have got a fight with someone, feeling depressed and angry, do not buy a lottery; if you are in a situation like divorce, seeing the end of your money world, do not buy a lottery. With all those negative feelings, you would certainly get negative outcomes. This might sound wired to you. But you do not have to completely understand this concept in order to execute it. At the end, it is our recommendation and your choice to do it or not.

Good Luck to All !

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