Lottery Brain Sync

Think and Feel Like a Jackpot Winner

lottery brain sync image Brain sync is a simply technique for getting what you want. At its basis, you must be a vibrational match to what you are asking for. As you desire to win a lottery, you must think, talk and feel in the way of winning a lottery. If you are like most of people who are struggling for money, complaining about lack of money and not winning a cent from your purchase, your lottery investment will constantly go to the other winners. Here is what you do to synchronize your vibration to winning a lottery.

Set your new "winning odds"

First of all is to set your winning objective and new Winning Odds.

My chance of winning a lottery Jackpot is 100%: I either win it this time or next time.

You might want to print out this statement in a big font and read it loud everyday so that every single cell in your body will remember it and works towards it. Yes, your winning chance is 100% if you stop complaining about your debt and your money shortage, and always remember you are living in an abundant universe.

Since your goal is to be a jackpot winner, you will never again look at a loser, but focus on a winner.

Be happy with what you have now

Happiness and satisfaction build not only good health, but also wealth and prosperity. According to the universal law “Law of Attraction”, like attracts like. If you consider that money is never a problem for you; it comes and goes as you need, money then flows easily into your life experience. Winning a lottery is one of the ways. If you feel a great shortage in finance and worry about money all the time, winning a lottery is not your cup of tea. This is because the two subjects are vibrationally too far apart. So, be happy with what you have now and expect more abundance to come.

Watch and feel people who are prosper

Watching the life that rich people are living is a way to train your vibration to attract more money. You want to be one of the people who are prosper, so, how will it feel like to live a life with millions of dollars? What will you do with all these money? Where will you go for your new joyous life? Think and plan in advance on how to use the money from lottery in order to raise your vibration to match the life that you have asked for. When there is no gap between the two subjects, winning a lottery and what you are expecting, you will get the money.

If a mind can conceive, the mind can achieve

Many people who live different lives have won lotteries. This has proved a single fact: we all come to this planet with equal opportunities. If they have got it, you will, too. Believe in this truth and anticipate that someday it will be your turn. The secret about money is best described as: you will never receive what you cannot conceive; if you can conceive it, you can achieve it, no matter what. This principle has never failed.

Dos and Do-Nots

You are living in a wonderful world where there are so many distractions around you. It is your choice about what you want to focus on. Whatever you put your focus on, whatever will become a reality entering your life experience. In order to win a lottery, you put your focus on winning a lottery and abundant life.

  • Do watch the videos that report winners' stories
  • Do watch TV shows about gaining money through games, such as "Fortune Wheel" and "Deal or No Deal"
  • Do believe you are living in the abundant universe where these is no shortage
  • Do plan on how to use your money wisely after receiving your jackpot
  • Do participate in business / investment discussions
  • Do Not study on poverty
  • Do Not watch movies that exaggerate negative aspects of life
  • Do Not watch videos about bad-luck lottery winners
  • Do Not get into stories of killing due to extreme consciousness of lack

These might sound strange to you at the very first time. If you are really interested in knowing the reasons behind, you may do some research on metaphysics and understand deep meaning of the basic law of the Universe, Law of Attraction (or Auto-Suggestion at old time). This Law simply says: your thought is a pre-manifestation of your life experience. Your subject of attention always becomes your reality. Whatever you focus on will be attracted to you, no matter that is what you want it or not.

So, play a lottery for fun, and expect you will win something in a right time. With our highly optimized Lotto Generator and your confidence, you will be very surprised by what you will get.

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