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win lottery techique image If you buy a lottery ticket, you expect to win!
By understanding the game you play, you are confident and clear-minded in the lottery playground. You buy lottery tickets and expect to win a big prize. Your expectation must match your desire. This is the winner attitude. If you desire for a big chunck of money, you expect it to come to your life experience. Most of people who regularly purchase lottery tickets are not expecting to win. They excuse themselves like this: “Well, it is normal for me not to win.” With this thought and attitude, they are sure not to win a lottery. From this day on, you will have to twist your thought. Rationally, you understand the odds and statistics of the game; emotionally, you expect to win.

Know your number pool and odds

The odds of winning a lottery are big factor that discourage buyers to have positive expectations. For example, your chance to match 6 numbers out of 49 are 1:13,800,000; to match 7 numbers are 1:85,900,000. But what about using only 40 numbers? What about using only 35 numbers? If you reduce the numbers in your selection pool, the odds will be greatly increased. Refer to the following Probabiliy Calculation Table, you may se a better picture.

The column Final Odds includes the odds of Ball or Bonus numbers. For Powerball, it is 1/26.

For example, Lotto Max. If you use 45 numbers as your selection pool instead of 50, your odds will be increased from 1:85,900,584 to 1:45,379,620. That's 50% increase. The question that is answered here is: which 5 numbers to dump off. Our Number Rank tables and Winning Numbers Insight (available for members) shall give you a clue.

Another example, Powerball. If you use 60 numbers as your selection pool instead 69, your odds will be increased from 1:11,238,513 to 1:5,461,512. Plus the ball number for jackpot, your odds will be 1:141,999,312 instead of 1:292,201,338. This is more than 50% of increase. If you use the high count numbers in Ball numbers, your odds can be increased still. You may use a free Powerball number generator or highly optimized Powerball generator .

You may ask, "What about the numbers that I did not choose show up?". Then, you will let this time go because the pattern repeats itself. You catch on the numbers that have counts in top 40.

Winning Odds Calculation Table

The Winning Odds is related to jackpot only

Number Pool: 6 / 49
Winning Odds: 1:13,983,816
Number Pool: 6 / 40
Winning Odds: 1:3,838,380
Number Pool: 6 / 35
Winning Odds: 1:1,623,160

Number Pool: 7 / 50
Winning Odds: 1:99,884,400
Number Pool: 7 / 40
Winning Odds: 1:18,643,560
Number Pool: 7 / 35
Winning Odds: 1:6,724,520

Number Pool: 5 / 69
Ball Pool: 1 / 26
Winning Odds: 1:292,201,338
Number Pool: 5 / 60
Ball Pool: 1 / 26
Winning Odds: 1:141,999,312
Number Pool: 5 / 55
Ball Pool: 1 / 26
Winning Odds: 1:90,447,786

Number Pool: 5 / 75
Ball Pool: 1 / 15
Winning Odds: 1:258,890,850
Number Pool: 5 / 65
Ball Pool: 1 / 15
Winning Odds: 1:123,898,320
Number Pool: 5 / 55
Ball Pool: 1 / 15
Winning Odds: 1:52,181,415

Number Pool: 5 / 49
Grand Pool: 1 / 7
Winning Odds: 1:13,348,188
Number Pool: 5 / 40
Grand Pool: 1 / 7
Winning Odds: 1:4,606,056
Number Pool: 5 / 35
Grand Pool: 1 / 7
Winning Odds: 1:2,272,424

Understand winning nubmers and statistics

We have posted winning numbers in the past 12 months for all the lotteries that we are dealing with on the site. By observation, you will find that some numbers are chosen far more often than others. Learn the combination of the pattern and form an idea about how you will make yours; watch our correspondig statistics sheets for winning numbers. Once you understand all these, the concept of "Random" can be sometimes certain.

Use the Generator

Our Lotto Generators are designed to optimize the selection of numbers based on calculation and statistics of past winning data. The mechanism simulates the final drawing process with random numbers but in a smaller range. You may personalize your selection of number pool according to your risky level. Referring to the above table, you will understand your odds and risks. Our principle is “random to random” against numbers that have higher chance to win. If you are not willing to take risk of losing a single number, choose all the numbers as your selection pool; if you want to increase your chance to win with certain level of risk, choose 40 numbers with the high count as your selection pool. You will find a comfortable place after a couple of runs.

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