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Owning a membership on our Website gives you the full leverage of lottery information. It enables you to access detailed statistics data and tools, and you have much more interaction with the site and with the others who have the same interests but different knowledge.

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6 More Reasons to Keep Your Membership

As a priviliged member, you have access to more advantages that an anonymous does not have:

  • The numbers drawn at their count position
  • The numbers that have not been drawn in the past 15 or 20 draws
  • Lottery generating mechanisms
  • Using your own numbers to generate lucky numbers
  • Issuing comments to every lottery generator
  • Make your own notes to keep tracking your ticket numbers while comparing to the final draws

Plus, if you decide one day to terminate your membership, you will get refund according to the days you own the membership. This is guaranteed. Please read our refund policy.