Hot Lotto Number Statistics and Number Chart

The Hot Lotto winning number statistics presents Number Total Counts in the past 6 months and in the past 12 months. The 6-month counts are also depicted in number chart. In the table list, every column is sortable. You may re-rank them according to your desire. Through out our study, we have found that, of time, the numbers that are drawn most will very likely appear again. The numbers in certain period with low counts much less frenquently present themselves. You may see more through our Hot Lotto Number Rank page.
The number count and count rank are calculated up to Jun 20,2018.

Hot Lotto Number Chart

Number Chart visually presents the total number counts of Hot Lotto. Total count do not include Hot Ball since they are from two seperate number pools.

Hot Lotto Number Chart (Last 6 Months)

Hot Lotto Number Counts and Ranks

Hot Lotto Number Counts and Ranks

Hot Ball Counts and Ranks