Lotto Max Number Generator

Jul 20, 2018, LottoMax est. jackpot: $25 Million

With all 49 numbers, your winning chance to Lotto Max is 1:86Million. If you use only 40 numbers, then your winning odds have been increased to 1:18 Million. In order to eliminate your number pool to 40 numbers, you might want to refer to our Lotto Max number count page and Lotto Max Statistics page.

Numbers that have higher counts are picked up more often than others; numbers that have not picked in the last 13 draws will not likely be picked in the next draw. This pattern repeats from time to time, and can be used to beat the odds. In the following options, the concept of Total Count is the sum of winning number count, bonus count and Max Millions count, assuming that Max Millions are from the same machine.

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