Hot Lotto Numbers and Counts

The following table displays the latest 50 Hot Lotto winning numbers. It provides the winning number information and their count rank at the time when they were drawn (the rank of each number changes after every drawing event). The count positions give you an idea about how many numbers you want to have in your selection pool when you use the generator to create your lucky numbers. The Hot Lotto numbers and counts are very good references for your next lotto purchase.
For the Count Rank and Ball Rank, please refer to our Hot Lotto Statistics page.

* The column Count Rank indicates the positions of numbers drawn in the count order based on 6-month count; the column Not In Last 18 Draws indicate the numbers that have not been drawn in the past 18 draws.

From the statistics in the following table, we can tell:

  • If a number got higher count, the number has higher chance to be drawn again
  • The numbers that have not been drawn in the past 18 draws will be very unlikely to be drawn in the next draw
The numbers NOT DRAWN in the last 18 draws:
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Date Winning Numbers Hot Ball Count Rank Ball Rank