About LazyJetCat.com

Our Mission

Everything has a pattern. Nothing is random in this world. Lottery draws are not exception.

Winning a lottery is considered by most of people as "Mission Impossible" due to its extremely low probabilities. But through our deeper data analysis, we have found that lottery winning numbers are running on a pattern. For example of Lotto 649 (operated in Canada), the numbers that have been drawn in the past 10 or 13 draws will mostly likely appear in the next drawn. This pattern is always true. If one understands it and keeps tracking those numbers, his winning chance can be greatly enhanced. There are some other patterns as well that repeat in cycle.

In order to reveal these patterns, we have created this website to implement statistics in automated fashion. Our objective is to crack the secret data of lottery winning numbers, providing up-to-date useful information to assist people who want to win a lottery jackpot.

The statistics data and summarized information are displayed as they are in its natural course. No extra instruction or bias are presented. We have also created lottery number generator to generate a ticket for a user based on refined number pool which contains numbers that have higher winning chance.

We are and will be continuously collecting users' feedback so that we may expend and improve our services and functionalities. We wish everyone to win a lottery and accomplish "impossibles".

In this video, we suggested Powerball players to eliminate 16 numbers, and none of these numbers were drawn.

Lotteries We Track

We currently have a large database that stores the lottery number data. Our data and analytic tools cover the most popular and most payout lotteries in the United States and Canada. If you are regularly playing the following one or two lotteries, our services may greatly increase your winning chance.

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Mega Millions
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Lotto 649
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Lotto Max
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Daily Grand
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