About LazyJetCat.com

We provide refined lottery number statistics

We group numbers by high and low counts, and by high and low frequencies

Our generators create tickets based on user selected data pool(s)

We currently have a large database that stores the lottery number data. Our data and analytic tools cover the most popular and most payout lotteries in the United States and Canada. If you are regularly playing the following one or two lotteries, our services may greatly increase your winning chance.

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We Help You to Win a Lottery

Lottery is a legend.
Lottery is a dream.
Lottery is everything that you want your life to be.
Yet, winning a lottery is unusual thing, everyone wants to get it.

Our objective is to crack lottery data, provide statistics and data analysis by means of mathematics and data mining to assist people who want to win a lottery. In addition, our system simulates lottery machine and generates random winning numbers according to our data analysis result. The combined tools greatly increases your winning chance.

Free Services

Anonymous users are able to see basic statistics of the past winning numbers and to know the up-to-date number counts. They may manually select their expected number for next purchase or use our free lotto generator to randomly create their numbers. Out free number generator is open to public.

Member Services

People who are willing to become a member of LazyJetCat are able to see more detailed data mining information against the past winning numbers; they can see as well which numbers were not picked up in the past 10 draws. The lottery generator will create the lines of number according to member prefered selection pool.

We are and will be continuousely collecting users' feedback so that we may expend and improve our services and functionalities. We wish everyone wins a lottery.

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